For the Layman!

A lot of people I know want a website. A lot of those should have a website. The common thread in all of them is ..."I just don’t know where to start."

This page is for those just starting on their domain hunt, not for those interested in domain flipping, although there are helpful hints for both.

While most information on the internet may be confusing and not necessary for the website's use, I will try to explain and compare steps you need to get you started. Good tutorials can be found on 

We all started somewhere. For the layman, there is a dream (or need) to have a website; to grow a business or to let the public know they exist. No matter how small or large a space you need, you cannot create a website or a webpage without a domain. 

Where do you start? Start searching online to "buy a domain". There are hundreds of places to purchase your dream domain. I find to be the most useful, but there is a lot of information. I first went there years ago to purchase my first domain. 

Domain names are text that maps to a numeric IP address that identifies the names of domains, hosted zones, and other records so a user can type into a browser window to reach a particular website

New Domains are something that is created brand new. There are around 628.5 million registered domains at this time of writing, according to 

All hope is not lost however! Unless you can create an unknown catchy name, it is possible for you to simply, buy a pre-owned name. 


Ask yourself, do I actually need a name. What will I get from having a website or webpage? What will a website do for me? Am I required to keep a website forever? What is the cost? Keep track of your questions.   

*What is the main purpose of your domain/website? Something as small as a one-page webpage with an address, phone number and/or email may improve your customer base and income. 

What are your goals with your website? Is it to inform, share knowledge and eventually build services or products throughout the community? 

What is the primary focus of your domain? Is it a personal activity or an actual business? Both have their place. 

A good evaluation is key.